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    Page attribute in PDF URL not working

      Hi,<br /><br />I have a web page with several links - each pointing to a page in PDF.<br />I have used the #page=<page number> attribute to do this and it works very well.<br /><br />e.g.<br />&lt;a href="myPdf.pdf#page=3"&gt;Page 3&lt;/a&gt; -- Opens PDF and takes to page 3<br /><br />But I recently discovered that 2 machines with same OS and Acrobat versions and same IE as well are behaving differently for the same webpage. First one opens pdf and scrolls to page 3 but the other one just opens the pdf and doesn't scrolls.<br /><br />Does anybody is aware of any setting of browser or acrobat plugin that I am missing on the other machine?