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    Email a form using a web service

      "Select Email Client dialog box"

      Why do I not get this option with Adobe Reader v8.1.2?

      I get an error message asking me to set up an outlook profile.

      Email a form using a web service
      When you click an email-based submit button in a PDF form, you have the option to submit the form data with a web-based email service.
      1. Click the submit or return form button on the PDF form.
      2. In the Select Email Client dialog box, select Internet Email; then click OK.
      3. Click Save PDF File or Save Data File, specify a location for the file, and click Save.
      4. Log in to your web-based email service, and create a new, blank email message.
      5. In the Sending The PDF File dialog box in Acrobat, copy the text in the To box.
      6. In the blank email message, paste the copied text into the To box. Repeat the process for the Subject and Message Text boxes.
      7. Attach the file that you saved to the email message.