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    Reader 8.1.2 won't install on Vista

      I can not get 8.1.2 to install on Vista. When I run the download I get a window asking permission to continue. When I tell it to go ahead I get the little twirling circle (that replaces the old hour glass) for a few seconds then it dissappears and that's it. No popups, no message windows, no error messages, Nothing.

      I've tried inactivating the UAC, virus protection, clearing the transaction log, running as administrator on top of being in an admin account.

      The same download installed with no problems on my laptop ( which also runs Vista Home Premium ).

      At this point I've loaded 7.0 and it's running fine; at least so far.

      There have been several posts about problems after installing 8.1.2 but I have not been able to get that far.

      I'd be greatfull for any suggestions ----- and ecstatic for a solution.