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    hello ,i have a problem with READER 8.1.2

      when i visit web sites and i want to view PDF pages its start downloading the file and then open with outside ACROBAT READER window

      when i used READER 8.1.1 it was opened without downloading in the browser window , i dont need to download files i like to view them on the browser

      i have windows XP SP3

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          When using Adobe Reader 8.0, the buttons get selected when we press the right arrow button or the left arrow button, but in case of Adobe Reader 8.1, when I want to select the next radio butto, I have to first navigate to that button and then I need to either press the 'space bar' or the 'Enter' button to enable it. Is there any way or settings or code that can navigate and select the radio button in Reader 8.1 when I press any of the arrow keys?