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    un-pdf a document

      i have a pdf document which was originally a word or excel. is there a way to convert it back to either word or excel using any version of the adobe suite? i can copy/paste the information in the pdf to word, but i lose all tables, formatting etc. thanks.
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          You can use Acrobat to save as word or excel, but you are likely to
          loose formatting and even tabular information. It all depends on how the
          pdf was created.

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            if it's an excel table? any way to convert it back without losing the formatting?
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              Bill@VT Level 7
              The answer depends on how the file was created as Mike said. Just because it came from Excel does not mean it contains the tag info needed to retain the formatting. Just do a Save As to a DOC file (don't think there is an Excel option) and see what the result is. If you lose formatting, then the answer is NO. There are some 3rd party products that supposedly do pretty well at retaining the formatting, even without the tags -- but that will likely cost you a pretty penny.

              Try the save as and see what happens. If it does not retain the formatting, then you are not going to get it out of Acrobat.
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                Hi, you can try some PDF converters, they may help you convert PDF into Word and Excel, etc. 

                I once read an article: Extract tables and images from PDF from http://www.softry.com/reviews/business/190-extract-tables-and-images-from-pdf.html

                It introduces an pdf converter, with it we can extract any content from PDF, even these content are dicontinuous. It can convert PDF into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OPen Office , images, etc. It can remain all formats in new documents except Excel files.

                So I don't suggest you convert PDF into Excel with this software, because it does a bad  job in this field: losing formats, all contents staying in one cell. However, it does well in others!