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    "Save As" is not working

      I have adobe acrobat 8.0 professional, windows. When I try to do a "save as" in a pdf, it won't save, it says "the document could not be saved. Insufficient data for an image". What does this mean? How can I fix it? Thanks.
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          If you have a pdf file, why are you trying to save as pdf?

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            ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            > If you have a pdf file, why are you trying to save as pdf?

            It's a great way to reduce your file size after working on it.
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              I just ran into this error for the first time trying to troubleshoot a problem with a pdf after uploading it to web server.

              The file was fine on a local drive, I could open it in Acrobat as well as in a browser.

              However, after uploading to a YABB forum the file became corrupt.
              Only the first page of a 45 page document was impacted.

              So I downloaded a copy from the web and when I try to open that corrupt document with a web browser I get the error "Insufficient data for an image".

              If I try on a local copy of the corrupt file to SAVE AS - I get an error saying:

              This document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (114)
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                This means that one of the embedded images in the PDF document is corrupted.

                Probably you can save the pdf after removing the corrupted image.

                To do this, in Acrobat Professional 9, go to:

                View -> Navigation Panels -> Content

                In content panel, click on the settings icon (gears icon) and choose highlight content.

                Go to the page which has the corrupted image (the one which isn't being rendered properly)

                Select that image in the content panel (hit and try) and then right click and then select Delete.

                Try saving the file now.

                Please get back to me if it works now or not.

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                  Level 1
                  Hi Thanks Kirat,
                  It did not quite work. But this is fascinating!

                  Removing the bad part of the image did make a section of the screen that had "disappeared" come back. While viewing the Content I saw that a block of title text in the center fell apart - the bottom of a few of the "g" letters became listed and text elements "gg" (twice) the font is CenturtGothic 31.98pt.

                  I did not create the pdf - one of my clients did (I host a private discussion board for them where they post documents).

                  But from what I can tell the document was create from a powerpoint slide presentation and the big background image (with corrupt section) was TIFF that was brought into the powerpoint which was printed through distiller (8.1.0 Windows)to pdf version 1.6 (Acrobat 7.x) tagged PDF: No; Fast Webview: No.

                  The file did not show the image corruption until AFTER it was uploaded to a discussion board. HOWEVER - in investigating the Content I can see that the lower tail of the "g's" is a text element same as in the corrupt version. ALL of the "g's" in ONLY the first page of the document are isolated from the text elements they are a supposed to be a part of.