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    Cannot print to Lexmark PS Printer, from MacOS 10.4.11 or Win XP SP3

      Since upgrading to Reader 8.1.2, neither my MacOS 10.4.11 nor my Win XP SP3 system will print from Reader to my Lexmark Optra printer, installed on the network (using postscript drivers).

      It appears that the print job is being sent to the printer -- it starts up and whirrs for some little while, but no paper emerges. The status window shows "Busy". This is normal behavior for this printer -- except that it usually prints something.

      All other applications on both the Mac and the PC print ok. And I can print from the full version of Acrobat 5.x installed on the PC. The only application that won't print to the Lexmark Optra is Reader 8.x.

      I can print to an HP C3180 Photosmart printer, plugged directly into the Mac's USB port.

      What's up with this? Did Adobe end up corrupting the print output, so that it's unreadable by the printer?

      Adobe people -- what have you done?
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          On the Mac you can try to reset your printing system. On Windows it is
          not recommended you have Acrobat and Reader on the same system. Is your
          Windows system running on a pure PC or are you running it under emulation.

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            I've never heard about resetting the printing system on the Mac -- when I opened the Print & FAX icon in System Preferences, I don't see anything about reset -- are you suggesting I delete the Lexmark printer and re-add it?

            In regards to the installation of Acrobat 5.x and Reader 8.1.2 on the same WinXP system -- that's on a physically separate PC -- not emulation on the Mac. And I installed Reader 8.x in order to take advantage of some newer PDF documents that require something more recent that 5.x.

            And ultimately, on both systems .... what's up with the inability to print to the Lexmark printer, when every other application prints successfully. And, by the way, there is also an HP C3100 printer attached to the Mac via a USB cable ... and Reader 8.1.2 prints to it.

            The lexmark optra printer is connected directly to the network here, and all of the PCs and the Mac (only 1) can print to the networked printer without problems -- except for Reader 8.x.

            If you're suggesting I reset printers because of a known issue, I'd appreciate hearing the whole story before I start uninstalling and reinstalling printers.

            Thanks for your reply.