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    Navigating by bookmarks ignores default zoom preference


      I'm using bookmarks to navigate through a PDF I'm using as a reference work.

      Regardless of what I set under Page Display>Default Layout and Zoom or Accessibility>Override Page Display, when I click on a bookmark the zoom jumps to 125%. If I manually click the 'fit width' button its fine until I click another bookmark, and then it jumps back to 125%.

      I've opened about 20 PDFs and found the same problem, although the zoom value used is often different or even changes between different bookmarks in the same document!

      The default or manual settings work fine when the doucment first opens, if you type in a page number or if you navigate via thumbnails, but as soon as you click on a bookmark, it forgets whatever the defaults are, or what you have set manually and just jumps to this 'hidden' zoom value.

      It seems like the zoom values for bookmarks are somehow fixed into the document and impossible to override, short of setting them manually each time.

      The PDFs I've tried come from different sources, so it doesn't seem to be something specific to a particular author, rather a function of the reader itself.

      I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium, and Adobe Reader 8.1.2.

      Am I missing something, or is this a bug?