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    Full Screen problem

      I'm using Reader 8.1.2 on a WXGA monitor. When using Full Screen mode there is a annoying gray bar on bottom that I can't get rid of. If I select F8 the bar shrinks but a half height tool bar appears on top. I tried all setup preferences without results. Anyone knows how to remove this gray bar on full screen? It is taking almost one centimeter from my already short wide screen. Tks.
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          It could be a problem with Reader, the OS, or the driver for the
          monitor. I'd try to find a modern driver for the monitor to see if it
          would help (or possibly an older driver).

          If you'll pardon the pun, masking tape should do the trick.

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            Hello Mike. Tks for your reply.
            Yes, may be a larger tape could solve all bugs, Windows included...

            No kidding, the problem is probably not a driver issue as the gray bar is not a kind of "blank zone". I is a real BAR that includes a small border on top side, where the mouse changes over (the cursor becomes a double arrow over the thin border). However, while detectable by mouse and having such a border it is unmovable. It looks like a locked tool bar with no buttons on it. When I activate the top menu all screen scrolls down and this bar becomes just a border. It looks like a broken feature of some sort...
            Andre W.
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              Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              In the preferences of Adobe Reader enable the entry 'Show each document in its own window'.
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                Dear Bernd,

                It works! (I didn't realize...I'm really stupid).

                Thank you all for your assistance!

                I hope one day I can be of help.

                Best regards,
                Andre Wiermann
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                  I've also had this problem for ages, and in fact posted a discussion about it to this forum in January 2008, but that discussion has vanished! (Did the forums crash and lose messages?)


                  I've just finally managed to track down the culprit, by (slowly, ouch) tweaking the registry - the problem was only there when bDocumentsInTaskbar was set to 0.


                  And now of course, while getting ready to post a bug report about it, I find this thread :-/  Sigh...


                  Anyway, this is clearly a known bug, so does anyone know if it's being fixed?  I hate having documents in separate windows, which is why I had it set to off in the first place :-)



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                    njconway Level 1

                    Cool, thanks.  I had been hunting for a way to report bugs and had started to think it wasn't possible :-)  (Without paid product support, that is.)


                    I have now reported it...


                    But regarding the actual bug status, clearly some of the more-informed people (e.g. here) have known about this buggy behaviour for some time, so I was presuming the bug had already been reported.

                    Anyone know for sure if it's already a confirmed bug, and if so, its status?  (I guess there is no bugzilla equivalent ;-))



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                      This problem is rediculous.  I want all documents to open in the same window and I don't want a pointless grey bar at the bottom of my screen.


                      njconway, I couldn't get bDocumentsInTaskbar to change anything.

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                        njconway Level 1

                        Well, I've just been living with the crappy braindead workaround for the problem for the last few years - i.e. having all of my docs in separate windows.

                        Nobody has commented on whether or not this bug had already been reported, and years have gone by with no feedback to me from Adobe about the bug report I filed...