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      • 1. Re: Reader with IE7 opens extra window when accessing an indexed file
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        I am using Customization Wizard to build an installation package for Reader 8.1.2 as part of an update package throughout the university.  My problem is, that using Internet Explorer 7 (also part of the update), when I open an indexed file (eg <directoryname>/front.pdf#acad_policies) it causes and extra IE window to open, then reader opens the file.  When I close Reader, the extra Explorer window persists.<br /><br />I want a Reader window to launch each time I view a .pdf (view documents in reader, not IExplorer), and have no problem with this, it's just that wonky IE window....<br /><br />This does not happen using IE6.  Unfortunately, we are pushing everything to IE7, where it does.<br /><br />Thanks in advance