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    Certificate problem and error message

      First of all, I am using Vista with SP1. and Reader 8.1.2. and connected to the internet

      I have received and installed a certificate from my company allowing me to use a username and password to access protected company PDF documents. Everyone else seems to be OK other than me. When I try to open the file, I get a pop up error window. The message is "THIS COMPUTER MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE NETWORK IN ORDER TO OPEN THIS DOCUMENT.CONNECT THIS COMPUTER TO THE NETWORKAND THEN TRY OPENING THE DOCUMENT AGAIN"

      Any ideas???

      PS. It works on an old XP based laptop that I have.
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          I am using Windows 7, Adobe Reader 10.1.2, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 10. Everything is the most current version at this time.


          After logging into a website, and clicking on the Adobe PDF file, I get the following error message:


          "this computer must be conneted to the network in order to open this document. Connect this computer to the network and try opening the document again."


          I have taken the following steps:

          1. Verified that Adobe Reader is installed correctly. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it.

          2. I can open pdf documents on other websites. So Reader is working correctly.

          3. Received the same error message in Internet Explorer and Firefox, so it is not a browser problem

          4. Allowed pop-ups for the website that I am having a problem with

          5. In Internet Explorer, I added the website to the list of 'Trusted sites'  and I unchecked 'Require server verification...'

          6. Other people in our office, use this website without a problem.