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    Forms work on my Mac but not on my PC? "Operation is not permitted"

      I created a form but it tells the user "operation is not permitted" when the submit button is pressed and also doesn't allow the user to access the any of the field to type their information in.

      It is very frustrating for me as I need the form to work so I can upload it to the clients website and get paid. It is particularly frustrating when it works on my Macbook Pro but wont work on my PC or the millions of PC out there.

      This is how I made the PDF. And I also made using the same process a test, blank page PDF with 1 text field and 1 submit button and nothing else.

      1. Mad the form in Illustrator
      2. Exported it as PDF
      3. Made the form fields
      4. Made the Submit button
      5. Enabled usage rights for Adobe Reader
      6. Saved file
      7. Uploaded the file
      8. Works on Mac and not on PC

      Can someone please help. I have spent numerous hours and searches on it, It's driving me crazy.

      Anyone from Adobe care to help? Probably not.