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    Script needed to translate 3D PDFs in Adobe Acrobat 3D v8

      OS: Windows XP

      I am trying to automate via command line the translation of 3D Catia CAD models (CATPart, CATProduct) to 3D PDFs. I would like to run this script so it translates each Catia file in a selected folder to a 3D PDF.

      There are 2 ways to do this via GUI access. However, I am having difficulty determining how to emulate either way via API calls.

      1. Execute the Print command, which is accessed in Adobe Acrobat 3D v8 via the Advanced | Document Processing | Batch Processing |Batch Sequence | Print command.

      2. In windows file explorer, select the CAD filename to be translated, click the right mouse button, and select "Convert to Adobe PDF".

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!