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    Reader 7.0.9, Win 2k - "An Internal Error Ocurred" Error

      Due to a new system being implemented, everyone needs a newer version of Adobe Reader (previously 5). The last 'supported' version of reader for this system is v7.0.9.

      So far, I have uninstalled 5, then proceeded to install 7.0.9 and this has worked on all I have done so far on both 2000 & XP.

      Today, I tried doing exactly the same but on 3 computers hit a problem. These computers are better than the recommended requirements and run 2000 SP3. The install runs the same as the others and finishes fine, but when clicking on the new Adobe Reader shortcut, the error
      b An Internal Error Ocurred.

      I then unistalled, rebooted then went on to remove all traces of adobe I could find. Reinstalled and unfortunately had the same problem.

      I hope someone has some idea of what causes this error and how to solve it. I have no luck so far in my search, with most references to it ending with 'flatten windows' or using v8 which we can't.

      Thanks in advance,