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    FreeHand 8 to pdf fill patterns

      When I export a freehand drawing with colored fill patterns to pdf using export or distiller, it looks correct in Acrobat 8 professional and reader, but it doesn't print the fill patterns in color. They come out black & white. I don't wan to use a PS printer since most of the people I sned the pdfs to don't have postscript. This didn't happen with earlier versions of Acrobat. Any ideas to fix this problem?
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This is best asked in the Freehand forum (if you want help with your
          export) or the Acrobat forum. This forum is for problems with using
          Reader, not in creating pdf files. When you repost, describe your
          workflow explicitly together with settings for pdf export or print
          settings and Distiller settings. Posting a sample pdf and freehand file
          to illustrate the problem would help as well.