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    Printing *.ai files from Adobe Reader

      Hello all,
      I've recently been informed of an issue with printing *.ai files created in Illustrator CS2 in Adobe Reader 8.

      These files are simple works, just text, line art, and very simple designs, all in solid black on a white background. When printing from Reader, to any printer, it will not print a solid image. All the black areas on the printed image have a white/black hash look to them, i.e., you can see right through the printed image if printed on a transparency.

      Printing from Illustrator CS2 to any printer works absolutely fine, the image is dark black.

      I've looked around the options in Reader 8 and did not notice any preferences or settings for this problem.

      Oh, and just a note, Illustrator CS2 is installed on a Windows 2000 machine and I was testing Reader 8 on a Windows XP Pro machine. Both machines were using the same network printer(s). I don't believe it is operating system related as their previous machine, a Windows 2000 box, was exhibiting the same problems with Reader.

      Does anyone know what is going on or how to fix it?

      Timothy Grabrian