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    Printing funny characters that i dont see in the document when i view it.

      Hello, I just updated to version 8.1.2 as did the rest of my office. We are on Windows XP. It started with the back offices - occasionally (mostly just pdfs from corporations / business related that were emailed to us or d/l via the net) looked perfectly fine in our adobe reader screen. When we sent it to print it came out funny - symbols where letters used to be - b's for all words that start with E (instead of echo it would be bcho) and S's for all P's but only at the beginning or end of a word (Solicy instead of Policy or cams instead of camp.) There are a lot of other character swaps but i couldnt list them all.

      It's now effecting my computer - and we've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it several times. I've checked and installed all of the updates. We cant figure out what's going on!! Anyone have any ideas about how to fix this? Best i can figure is adobe's printing a font my printer isnt farmiliar with? lol. I dunno. All help would be appreciated.