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    Issue receiving and opening PDFs

      A company I do business with often sends us diagrams and other information in PDF format via email. They claim that when they send the email, the files are PDFs. However, when I receive the email, there are no PDF attachments. Rather, there is a file called winmail.dat, which, when opened, is a bunch of gibberish in Notepad (as most .dat files are, from my experience). Why do these files not come through as PDFs? I would like to know if the issue is with my computer or the sender's. I can open other PDFs downloaded from the internet or from other attachments just fine. Any help would be appreciated.

      Installed on my computer:
      Adobe Reader 8.1.2
      Windows XP Home
      AVG Free Edition 7.5 (maybe this has something to do with my problem?)
      Mozilla Thunderbird (email client)