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    Acrobat 8.1.2 Reader Network Deployment Missing pdf Icon

      We have deployed acrobat 8.1.2 reader via windows gpo using the adobe customization wizard to create to a msi file. The installation went smoothly but now the desktops do not show the acrobat for .pdf files. The file type association looks ok but refreshing, restarting does not bring up the icon. How can I fix this?
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          I have also experienced this problem with the GPO msi deployment scenario.
          I first noticed this problem with Adobe Reader 6. I think it has always been there and it is there with Adobe Reader 9 too.

          Orca finds problems with the msi. Most notably in the Extension table, there is no PDF entry. There is a PDF entry in the MIME table, but my understanding is there needs to be a circular reference. I've spoken to Adobe help desk and they were no help at all. This problem does not seem to affect the functionality, but it would be disconcerting to my end users not seeing the proper icon. Adobe should fix this.