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    Loading PDF causes Acrobat to crash / Firefox to hang

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      When I try to load a PDF inside the browser Adobe crashes and Firefox stops responding. I have to CTRL+ALT+DEL to kill off the running firefox.exe process.

      I have gone through "Opening PDF files within Firefox" and the Adobe troubleshooting guide. Neither document solved my problem. One thing that I have found is that if I load Acrobat Reader first and leave it minimized I can load PDF files inside Firefox.

      My last attempt (which failed) was to uninstall Acrobat and delete any lingering references to "nppdf32.dll" I then nuked "pluginreg.dat" and "mimeTypes.rdf" from the profile. After that I reinstalled Acrobat Reader 8 and tried to view a PDF.

      Neither computer has any extensions or themes installed. I have also tried opening a PDF inside Firefox while running in safe mode with the same results.

      During troubleshooting I tried creating a different Windows user and I was able to load PDFs inside Firefox.

      Running Firefox and Acrobat Reader 8.1