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    Website can't detect Adobe Reader as being installed

      Microsoft Vista Premium (same thing happened with XP Home too)& Adobe Reader 8.1.2 (or whatever the latest is).

      I have a website I have to log into for work and I get an error that it can't detect Adobe Reader being installed and to click the Adobe icon and go download it. I've downloaded it and uninstalled and redownloaded it many times to no avail.

      I can print certain pdfs from this site even with the error, but others tell me I need to download the reader.

      If I install version 5.0 of Adobe Reader, all is fine but the 5.0 version takes over and then opens every pdf file even though version 8 is still installed. I'd stick with 5.0 as it works, but I'm concerned about security issues with using such an old version.

      Any ideas? Thank you.