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    Don't understand "Error" message

      Error message says: Adobe could not open file/doc.xxxx because it's either not a supported file or it has been damaged.
      A few seconds later there is another page "Beyond Adobe Reader".
      What is all this.
      If you are a Swede who responds you might very well respond in our own language.
      The folder I would like to send is a folder containing a file with a gambling system which should go to the Swedish "ATG" (about horse betting).
      They advice me to do like this:
      1) Create the file and save it
      2)Press the button "choose a file"
      3)Search the file, mark it and click open. (At this point I only see the folder containing another folder in the upper dialog box and nothing shows up in the lower one (file name)
      As the racing are tomorrow I hope for a very quick respond.