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    PDF Mysteries / HP Scanjet auto document feed

      OS = XP Pro svc.pack 1
      scanner = HP Scanjet 7400c
      software = HP ScanPro 3.2.0

      Forgive my ignorance in advance please.

      I create a folder in my C-drive Documents.
      I feed letter size doc (Black & white text & line drawing only) into auto doc feeder on my HP Scanjet 7400c.
      I direct output to the above folder location.
      I choose the "scan" button not the "scan to" button. (this by default generates to a PDF).
      Scanner seems to do its work albeit slowly (35sec. per page).
      After 6 or so pages I go to the folder to check output. I then find an error mesage which says:
      There was an error opening this document. Sharing violation."

      So I don't know whether the documents are in the folder or not. Plus even if they are, I cannot use them.
      I have hundreds to enter so I can't take the chance (or time) to enter them into a "black hole".
      Any ideas of what is happening here?

      I have used the Auto doc feed into PDF before but only a few times.
      I attempted this project about 5 times.
      Once it took the document and opened correctly. That time I only scanned one page into a file. For some reason I closed that scan sequence and of course had to start a new folder and scan process. No luck since then.

      BTW is there anyway to scan into a PDF folder on seperate occasions without leaving the original session open?