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    Adobe 7, and opening a pdf file with a auto generated report

      We have upgraded to the latest version of a tool we use to generate reports. The older version, when you exported the report to a PDF file, it would open it in an internet broswer, IE 6/7 in this case, and just display the PDF in the browser.

      With the latest version of the reporting tool, when you export a report to a PDF file, it opens up a blank IE windows, and subsequently opens the autogenerated report in a separate Adobe Reader window, but it does not have the primary focus. It pop's under the blank IE window. This causes a lot of confusion to our employees who are not computer savvy as they are not aware the PDF actually opened since the window did not get primary focus on the screen.

      The company which writes the tool for us says there are no changes to the way it auto generates the pdf file, and insists it has nothing to do with their software.

      We decided to dig a little deeper and only found one difference between the old and the new software.

      Old - Content-Type: application/pdf
      New - Content-Type: application/pdf;charset=UTF-8

      Would that command cause our problems? It almost seems at though Adobe 7 plugin in IE7 doesn't recognize the "charset=UTF-8" and dumps the pdf to the full Adobe reader.

      If anybody has any insight, or would need some more info to help solve the problem just let me know.

      Also, we have to stay with Adobe 7, since all 7000+ computer's this affects have identical images, and upgrading to a new version costs $$$$ and has to go through massive channels.