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    Help!!!  Opening Acrobat after a new install of v.8

      these are errors i get when trying to open acrobat, after a new install of v. 8, seven is installed and opens but crashes when i try to print. the photoshop error is occurring when i open it up. it goes through the splash screen and then comes to an error and won't open. i reinstalled and got the same error. i made a new user and tried both programs and they worked fine. even printed the pdf in new user without trouble, in reader 8. i've moved the local library's prefs for all adode products and restarted with the same results. i'm running a g5 power pc dual 1.8 ghz machine that has a new internal drive (needed a larger one) that i carbon copy cloner'd the old HD to. also did another identical machine, same way at same residence, and no problems with either program.