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    Image fields in Adobe 8 Pro

      I am making a form in Adobe Acrobat Professional and everything is going great and I put in image fields and activated the users so I could send it out to anyone that needed to use this form to place images. So all they had to do was click and find the image and it would place it. Well I am finding many problems, first problem I encountered was when I placed the image field and clicked on "fit image proportionally," in one and then in another one I chose "fit image to box," and they both did the same thing, it fit it to the box, it didn't fit proportionally. Is there a way to fix that? Another thing is that I worked around that for now and found a way to get the images on the form but when I did they were blury and pixelated, but they are 300 dpi, how can I fix that? If anyone can help me ASAP I would be greatful. Thanks