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    Can't view/download PDF file within IE

      Adobe reader 8.1.2
      O/S Vista Home Premium w/ IE 7
      ever since the SP1 was installed,the Adobe reader acted very unstable, sometime it'll freeze with blank screen for few minutes, other time it will display properly (most of the time it'll freeze with file size larger than 1M.
      I was reading some posting and try some of the suggestions and uninstall the Adobe active X program from my computer...Plus "checked" the "run as Admin" tab, now I can down load the file larger than 1M, but the Windows prompted as "This is a Adobe problem, close the Adobe...." when I hit the confirm button, the UAC prompt comes up and allow me to proceed, but the problem is it launch the Adobe reader program in a separate window, instead of within IE.
      Anyone has similar problem? seems to me that 8.1.2 has a lot of "argument" with Vista