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    I need help trying to install 8.1.2 from 8.1.1? And update is for 8.1.2 only.Help please.

      Hello I hope some one will know what to do to help me out here!!! I have read most of the Post about 8.1.1 to try and download and upgrade to 8.1.2 and most of the ?'s don't have the answers the person needs to fix adobe on their computer befor they go MAD!!I have windows XP Home SP2 and all the other hi tech items on my computer. I got the update from adobe Automaticlly to download 8.1.2 and it went ok and I was using it when needed. But something else happened to my computer and I had to do a restore back a few days. And then I noticed I had adobe 8.1.1 and not the newer 8.1.2 that was just installed a few days befor. So I downloaded 8.1.2 manualy and adobe web page downloaded like 32Mbs of data. Then at the end of the download it said it could not install it.! And the end page that opened up did not have very much infomation to go on to fix the problem.? I hope some one can unsderstand what I'm saying? I can never get a hold of anyone at adobe to help. You can't find a email to tech support anywhere here? SO I don't dare uninstalling 8.1.1 and then go and try to download the new 8.1.2, because I read alot of people could not install 8.1.2 at all from the adobe reader 8.1.2 download page! Help