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    a long unsolved problem on MAC OSX

      I have a long unsolved problem regarding ACROBAT READER on my MAC OSX leopard. I need to open a pdf document, which will connect the acrobat policy server. Nonetheless, whenever I try to open this pdf, it always shows me this computer must be connected to the network in order to open this document. The weird thing is my MAC is connected to the Internet all the time. It seems to me that ACROBAT READER utilize some mechanism of the OS to check whether INTERNET is available, just like what it behaves on Windows platforms. So, how can I solve such problem? Thanks.
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          Hi Lulala,
          I have experienced this issue one time before. In that case, the Reader client was running on MacOS and the Policy Server was running on Windows using JBoss. The Reader client needs to connect to the policy server via HTTPS to verify policy informaiton.

          The problem boiled down to an incompatibility between the Coyote HTTP container used by the JBoss Application server hosting the LiveCycle Policy Server and the SSL libraries used by the Adobe Reader client on the Mac OSX. The Reader Client isn't able to make a HTTPS connection to authenticate against the policy server and throws that misleading this computer must be connected to the network in order to open this document." error. The solution was to place a legitimate web server in front of the JBoss Application Server. We accomplished this using the Jakarta ISAPI redirector for IIS to redirect requests to JBoss. The SSL cert was then placed on the IIS web server and communication was able to be established by the Mac OSX Reader clients. Not sure if it applies in your environment.