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    my adobe reader renders some pdf text incorrectly

      I have a problem with a variety of PDFs containing embedded text, which are not rendered properly. The text appears as ASCII jibberish even though the original file renders normally with other PDF readers. Some headers and URLs might come out normal, but the rest of the text is jibberish. I believe this a problem specific to my computer, and not to the PDF document, wherever it was created. This first happened with Adobe Reader 7.0, and upgrading to Adobe Reader 8 has surprisingly not resolved the issue. Uninstalling everything and reinstalling Adobe Reader 8.0 has not resolved the issue.

      At one time I used Adobe Reader Speed-Up to modify my adobe 7.0 installation, so I thought this could be a problem caused by that software. But un-installing and re-installing a fresh copy of Adobe Reader 8.0 has not fixed the issue. I have tried to make sure Windows fonts settings have been ok. any ideas?