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    Configuring Page Display in Preferences

      I have Adobe Reader 6.0 on a Win98SE computer. When I go to "Edit", "Preferences", "Page Display" comes up first. There is a section at the bottom "Magnification" with 2 boxes, Default Zoom, Max Fit Visible Zoom. Both boxes have question marks, other jibberish, what am I supposed to enter in these boxes? I keep on getting an error window saying "The value of the magnification must be "Fit Page", "Fit Width", "Fit Visible", "Actual Size", "Reflow" or it must be a value between 8.33% and 6400%", then won't let me make any other settings, I just keep getting the same error window. I am a non-techie so please make your reply easy to follow. Thanks.
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          While waiting for a reply, I have installed all the updates for 6.0, am now running 6.0.6, still having the same problem. Thanks.
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            Reader always opens, maximized, when pdf accessed through IE7. I have tried to re-size, close, and re-launch from browser but reader ALWAYS reverts to opening maximized. I can open Reader, minimize it, and then access a pdf from the browser and it will open inside the minimized Reader window but that is the only way I can open a pdf to a minimized Reader window from my IE7. How do I clear this or reset something so the pdf will open in a minimized Reader window? I've looked in so many different places for this answer over the past few days and nothing.