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    Reader properties.summary.comments field erases on movefile

      Hi, I wonder if Kingston 1 Gb thumbdrive has a known bug of erasing the text in the field AdobeReader properties.summary.comments

      The "comments" field is field is viewable by
      right-clicking an adobe reader document

      then left-click on the menu choice "properties" which appears at the bottom of the popup menu

      then left-click on the tab "summary"

      then left-click to place the cursor in the "comments" textbox which is the bottom field displayed

      I use the comments field to copy the link* to the location of the document on the web. When I migrated to a new workstation the Kingston drive seemed like a good bargain at $17. However, I discovered it stripped the comments, so I lost the links to the source location for all my Adobe Reader files.
      *Here is an example of what I place in the comment field:

      This is the location of a document at US Supreme Court regarding election law and civil rights. The doument is a transcript of oral argument in the case Riley v Kennedy, Supreme Court case number 07-77 which was heard in 2008 and recently decided in an opinion authored by Chief Justice John Roberts.