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    Suppressing Adobe Reader Updates

      How do I stop those Adobe Reader Update messages that keep popping from time to time ?. I run Adobe Reader in a terminal server and do not want these messages to pop up.

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          pwillener Level 8
          The easiest would be to install the updates.
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            you can find here


            some tips and tricks to change the settings of some not wished properties like the automatic update...

            (delete the update plug-in, change a registry entry, change the msi or edit a dat file...)

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              Level 1
              Re: Just install the updates ..

              There's a great article in today's New York Times regarding upgrades
              and updates in general.

              http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/03/technology/personaltech/03basics.html?_r=1&ref=personalt ech&oref=slogin
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                I'm looking for this same information. I have Reader 9 installed on two Win2003 terminal servers. I went into Reader on the desktop and disabled updates, but when I login as a different user it is still selected. I am not able to open either of the links above.
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                  On Mac OS X HOW TO STOP THE READER UPDATER????

                  It' just keeps trying to connect... what the !@#$ is going on with adobe that you can't disengage the updater?????
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                    Dear Adobe,


                    Your automatic updates keep re-enabling.  You're like a bad virus.  Between you, Firefox and Windows, our computers seem like they're constantly doing nothing but updating.  Can't get any work done.

                    Please stop pushing updates all the time.  My users are losing patience and have asked me what the alternative to adobe pro/reader is.  I have seriously started looking because you guys do way too many updates and put your shortcuts everywhere and your software is so slow.  Some of my users think it’s some kind of a virus when they see your update reminders every week.  Why do you do this?  It’s like buying a refrigerator and having weekly maintenance done on it.  Would you stand for that?  I don’t think so.  Even disabling your updates, they somehow magically re-enable themselves a few weeks later.

                    How do I turn off your updates permanently?

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                      Personally, i would like to never see another update popup ever again, for any reason.


                      I keep hoping that with this new version of Adobe Reader, perhaps this time when I click the "don't automatically find updates" button it might actually work, but so far no luck.  At this point I keep Adobe Reader installed mostly on principle, but when I actually need to read a pdf I use Foxit reader, any browser or google docs.  I'll keep Adobe Reader installed as long as it stops bugging me, but it actually needs to stop.


                      Honestly, make automatic updates an opt-in option; cause most people don't want to be bothered.  Simply have a manual update feature in the program's menu bar and you're fine.

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                        Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee



                        cocodapuf wrote:


                        I keep hoping that with this new version of Adobe Reader, perhaps this time when I click the "don't automatically find updates" button it might actually work, but so far no luck.

                        Can you please let me know, how exactly is it that you are disabling the update option in Adobe Reader? I have tried disabling the Update option through the Preferences dialog and the updater stops checking for any new updated thereon.




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                          pwillener wrote:


                          The easiest would be to install the updates.


                          One would think that to be the logical action, wouldn't one?

                          Here's where i'm having a problem: I tried that at list 3 times. I get the pop up when I boot up and click on the pesky "install" button. The pop up goes away, but nothing else happens.

                          24 hrs later, it pops up again. I tried selecting "don't remind me" and closing. 24 hrs later... it's back!

                          It's like a kid on a trip going "are we there yet" every 5 mn.


                          Seriously, how do I get rid of it?

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                            Oh, come on peolple, updates are fun, they are helping users to get new functionality and admins to eliminate thos nasty vulnerabilities.


                            But, if you wish to disable adobe reader updates corporate-wide you have to do the following according to Administrator's Information Manager:


                            Go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\(product name)\(version)\FeatureLockdown using your favourite registry editing software (mine is regedit). Create there a dword value with name bUpdater and value 0.


                            This registry value disables automatic updates and users won't be able to enable updates because GUI option in Adobe Reader will be greyed out.

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                              I USED to like adobe PDF, I thought it was a great concept but now abode Acrobat takes over 1 GigHD to install, and the reader takes over 300Mb RAM just running, and the constant updates, updates, updates, updates, updates .... Drove me nuts, so the solution was to get rid of it


                              -- Now I have a few hundred dollars of software that I cannot re-sell, just sitting on a shelf collecting dust, but I am happy!!


                              After removing adobe acrobat* anything and everything --


                              Installed PDF Creator (Opensource) to make my pdfs.


                              Install Sumatra PDF (Opensource) to read the pdfs.


                              They are very low resource intensive, and very small foot print, insignificant in size compared to the voracious Adobe PDF aps and I do not get pelted with constant updates -- yes it is like a virus, constantly calling home and constantly updating.


                              If I had my way I would get rid of FLASH as wel, and the constant update reminders as well.


                              No more memory hug running  reminding me about updates and life is good.

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                                If you feel you just have to have this resource hog of a program, go through its preferences and untick EVERY THING that is automated. Since it's such a bulk worm of a program - for one that does so little, there's a lot of tabs and menus to go through to untick everything to stop this monster from eating your time and computer resouces?

                                If you're using the free version, I can only ask why? If you paid for it, I'd ask the same.

                                Consider, one of the free ones that gives you tons of tools to manipulate, highlight, mark up, insert photos and type in message etc., ALL FOR FREE.

                                ADOBE, I'm not selling this program, it just happens to be the first one I picked after I got sick of your updates, trickstering in programming, and the constant, restarting of services that I MANUALLY STOPPED in my registry.

                                So, I'd say, get pdf exchange, small, as in, compact with NO extra resource hogging and thousands of free apps to make pdfs worth using and reading.

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                                  Thomas Dearie Level 1

                                  Telling the original poster just to update doesn't answer his question and is not helpful.


                                  There are numerous legitimate reasons to turn off auto-updates.


                                  For example, we keep multiple versions of Reader on our system to test for various client use-cases. So we always have older and newer versions.


                                  In any case, none of the settings in Reader 9 get rid of the popups.

                                  Further, many users keep getting the popups even after updating.


                                  So, instead of sermonizing to the original poster, maybe offer something useful.