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    Memory leak on latest Adobe Reader 8.1.2 Win XP SP2

      Dear Adobe Developers,
      I have encountered a strange problem. I open a PDF file of size about 16.5 MB, I search trough it and then the memory allocated starts steadily growing until it fills out the entire RAM and the virtual memory as well. Strange thing is this only happens after I perform a search through the file; if I don't do it, all stays within normal. I was wondering if it is not a memory leak of some kind? I use Adobe Reader 8.1.2 on Win XP with Service Pack 2 on Celeron 1.7 GHZ, 256 DDR RAM, 320 GB HDD ect .. Normally the RAM occupied by the OS itself is only about 100 MB so there are ~150MB left free. But they seem not to be enough even when we add to them the virtual memory.
      Georgi Popov, BG