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    Adobe Acrobat reader 3.01

      I have a very old version of acrobat reader. When trying to uninstall I get this error message:

      Unable to locate the installation log file 'C:\acrobat3\reader\deisL1.isu'. Uninstallation will not continue.

      I cannot file file referred yo either on my system or at Adobe? How can I remove please.

      Also I used Windows Install Cleanup to remove Reader 7.0.8 as I was getting 'this patch could not be opened' error. I see it is still in my program files.
      1.Is it safe to just delete?
      2.When I try I get error message 'pdfshell.dll access denied'

      I have reader 8 installed and all seems ok but would like to clean up my system by removing older versions above.