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    HELP: How does PDFMaker work with interfacing applications and can you adjust these settigns??

      Hi all,

      (Hopefully this is the correct forum to be posting in)

      I am hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. At this stage I am not certain where the issue is, if it is Adobe PDFMaker/Adobe Reader or Sage so thought I would also in addition to posting on the Sage sites post here.

      Essentially we are trying to add our branding to the bottom of our invoices within Sage and looks great within the Report Designer but as soon as we try and create a PDF of the invoice from Sage itself it adds a 10mm bleed around the entire document. So my question for this thread is not about Sage but about how applications interface with the PDFMaker to create the document and is it possible to access the properties in which a PDF gets created?

      Im not really sure how it works when an application that has the option Save As > PDF and then what happens next what rules are applied to the export when the document is created.

      I tested briefly in Word by pulling in the branding and got it sitting as it should (right to the edge) and then saved out as a PDF and the inserted logo in the newly created PDF document looks as it should. Obviously if you then go and print it you will get the bleed area but for our purposes the PDF is for display use only so in this scenario Word is not dictating if there should be a bleed area so Im guessing the issues lies with how Sage interfaces with its own PDF creator? I doubt Adobe have anything to do with the sagePDFprinter app but thought I would just check with you guys.

      Any help on sagePDFprinter would be greatly appreciated if there are any pdf techs out there.