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    Adobe is not opening when clicking on a link in Internet Explorer

      We are using pdf format is order to give our clients detailled information about their accounts.

      Unfortunately, when the client clicks on our link in Internet Explorer, our client receives an error message of adobe (needs to be c
      losed, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience).

      If the client opens up his adobe first, then he can open his file while clicking on the link.

      According to us, this must be an error between Internet Explorer and Adobe.

      Another thing is, that when the clients logs in as administrator of the computer, it works. If the client is not the administrator a
      nd is in another session, it is not working. We already have created a new session of Windows too.

      We already installed the latest version of Acrobat Reader and the latest version of IE7. Unfortunately, without any results.

      Can you please give us a solution?

      Yours sincerely,

      Bart De Koninck
      Operating System: Windows XP Professional
      Browser: Microsoft IE