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    Adobe Reader 9 MDI?

      I just upgraded from Reader 8.1.2 to 9. I prefer to work with one adobe reader icon in the taskbar and use the 'window' menu in reader to switch between documents that i've opened. This worked fine in reader 8.1.2. as there was a setting for this in the 'general' tab of the preferences (I think this function is called multiple document interface or MDI). After installing Redaer 9, documents that are opened open seperate icons on the taskbar and i cannot find a way to change it to the setting I used in Reader 8.1.2. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and if so, how i can change the setting?


      Brian Hickey
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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          > This worked fine in reader 8.1.2. as there was a setting for this in the 'general' tab of the preferences

          'Show each document in its own window' was in the category 'Documents'.
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            Thanks, but the option isn't anywhere to be found in Reader 9?
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              Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              This option isn't available in Adobe Reader 9.
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                I am uninstalling Reader 9 because of this BUG
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                  I uninstalled Reader 9 because of this bug too. This is not an acceptable change for me. I have usually at least a dozen PDFs open and I can't have them all have their own windows.
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                    MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                    Complain to the source and it might be fixed:

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                      Thanks for the tip! I encourage everyone to adress this lack to Adobe.
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                        (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                        I agree; if this is important to you please report it. Adobe do
                        consider the number of people reporting a problem.

                        Aandi Inston
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                          Czajka Level 1
                          I feel your pain! I wasn't too happy about this change either. It's horrible for people who have developed, or are developing PDF based CD-ROM applications (yes there are many of us still out there doing this). The problem for me is even if I change all my external links to "open in existing window" (an option available in the newer versions of Acrobat), when you run a search, and click on a hit, the process opens the document in a new window by default, breaking the interface, because at that point you will have more than one document open, and if you have some navigation that goes back to a main menu, you could have a scenario where a second copy of the main menu is opened. A real "non-user" friendly thing.
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                            I'm just curious anyone would remove this option. With it in place people could choose what ever they wanted. Why would one restrict flexibility? "non-user" friendly it is.
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                              I strongly suggest that people complain here http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform&product=49 and hope that they listen to customer feedback.
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                                Everyone pile on.
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                                  I posted my bug report:

                                  Concise problem statement:
                                  MDI removed from Reader 9
                                  Steps to reproduce bug:
                                  1. Open more than one document.
                                  2. Look at taskbar overflowing.
                                  Results: Customer is pissed off.
                                  Expected results: Happy customer.
                                  Steps to make customer happy: Get your heads out of your ***, and make MDI not just an option, but the DEFAULT. Who the hell thought going back to Windows 3.0 SDI interface technology was a good idea? Please post his/her name, and whoever approved that decision's name publically, because a) they will (or should) be looking for a new job since they just got fired, and b) I don't want to make the mistake of hiring them. I mean seriously. I thought what I was reading on the web was a hoax. I had to check snopes.com to be sure. Do you guys not have a random drug testing policy? For that matter, do you not realize that when a person, that you're trusting to make important decisions that affect millions of people, is sitting at their desk drooling on themselves and can't get out more than a single syllable word, that maybe, just maybe, they're not the person you should have in that position? Is this a product line wide decision? Should I look at scrapping all of my other Adobe / Macromedia products and upgrading to those that support 15 year old technology? Are you going to turn into another Symantec? Hey, lets buy take over great companies with great products, turn the product lines into crap, and then discontinue and abandon them. Seriously, what should we expect for Reader 10.0? Are you going to be upgrading to a console application? Please, please, please for 11.0 can we have it be phosphorous green too? I think Im going to go back to my bottle of wine now
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                                    Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                    It isn't a bug.
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                                      Ildhund Level 3
                                      Will someone please tell me what this fuss is about? I have no
                                      problem showing multiple open files under a single taskbar icon on
                                      my XPSP3 installation:
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                                        (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                                        > I have no
                                        >problem showing multiple open files under a single taskbar icon on
                                        >my XPSP3 installation

                                        Windows XP (though not 2000) will group icons when they become too
                                        many to show, but the debate is really about MDI versus SDI: whether
                                        there is one window containing all documents, or many windows
                                        containing a document each.

                                        There are many parts to this discussion. SDI, for example, tends to be
                                        easier for novice users to understand, because in MDI they tend not to
                                        know how to switch documents.

                                        I feel it would have been better if Adobe had not decided to remove
                                        the choice.

                                        Aandi Inston
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                                          Ildhund Level 3
                                          Thanks, Aandi. What got me off my backside was that rant two posts
                                          up from Jon Vielhaber which only complained about his taskbar
                                          overflowing. I just pointed out that it doesn't have to.
                                          I can't see the difference; I just use Alt-Tab to switch between any
                                          open windows, and the XP switching power tool lets me choose the one
                                          I want. I suppose if you're used to one method of working, it's a
                                          pain to have to learn another one, but that happens all the time and
                                          I don't regard it as anything to get abusive about.
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                                            Ildhund Level 3
                                            For the benefit of Jon and anyone else who doesn't know how to
                                            achieve this in XP, right-click on the taskbar and select
                                            Properties. One of the options available there is 'Group similar
                                            taskbar buttons'. If you check the Help topic for this option, it
                                            says "Displays taskbar buttons for files opened by the same program
                                            in the same area of the taskbar. In addition, if the taskbar becomes
                                            so crowded with buttons that the width of the buttons shrinks beyond
                                            a certain width, then the buttons for the same program are collapsed
                                            into a single button. Clicking the button lets you access the
                                            document you want. Right-clicking the button lets you close all the
                                            documents you want."

                                            There's probably a similar setting in Vista. Jon's 'bug' turns into
                                            a butterfly and flies away...
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                                              I'm glad I found this post because I was running out of ideas of where to look for the 'Show each document in its own window' option that was so familiar to me from version 8.

                                              A work around may be present but I think the basis of the rants is that the option was there in 8 but suddenly not in 9. I can't imagine including that option would be a significant burden on the Reader code, particularly since it already exists in 8. Was there a formal decision to leave out the option? Perhaps an oversight? It is these kinds of options that makes good programs great. I personally do not like the 'Group similar taskbar buttons' option in Windows. I intend to reinstall version 8 as soon as possible. I submitted a complaint.

                                              I think this is similar to Microsoft Office 2003's idea to not show full menus as a default. Fortunately there is the option to turn that off. Perhaps these options are helpful to a new user but I welcome the ability to opt out.
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                                                George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                                > Was there a formal decision to leave out the option?

                                                See: http://blogs.adobe.com/acrobat/2008/09/mdi_vs_sdi_in_acrobat.html

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                                                  Adobe please bring back MDI support! I have been using Adobe 9 at my work. I often have to view multiple pdf part drawings. We have an application that spawns a new reader for every drawing that we need to look at. After reviewing an assembly I end up with 15 adobe acrobat windows on my screen. It is awful. All my associates are in the same boat, they complain about it also.





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                                                    Thank you for the link to report a complaint asI too have the same issue.  I open multiple Adobe documents in the course of my day and my taskbar space is precious.


                                                    I choose not to use the Windows 'group windows by application' feature as that results in even more mouse movements or keystrokes.  I have a high volume of work to do, on average eight open applications that I alt+tab between, and I ctrl+tab between files within specific applications.


                                                    To lose the clustering of Adobe files open into one taskbar icon is just inconcievable and I do hope it is brought back.  Until then I am uninstalling 9 and going back to 8.