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    Need help creating PDF w/ comment tools available in Reader!!

      I'm trying to create a PDF that you can use the "comment" and other proofing tools in Reader. I've tried using Acrobat Pro to adjust the settings so the "comment" and other tools are available in Reader but it isn't working.

      Here's what I'm really trying to do (if anyone might have an amazing idea). My company produces a 1300 pg catalog that the entire departmentaround 20 people in totalhave to proof. In an effort to reduce how much paper we use in our proofing process I'm trying to move the department to an "electronic" proofing process as much as possible.

      I know that in Acrobat Pro you can comment and mark up a PDF and that you're able to do the same in Acrobat Reader (only the artist have Pro, the rest of the department just has Reader). I just can't seem to find a way to take my InDesign document and allow the "comment" tool to be accessible in Reader.

      Anyone know? I know there is a "Review" session thing you can set up, but that's turning into a huge pain since Adobe doesn't want to work with our Mac based network...blah blah, way over my head.

      Thanks for the help! (Sorry to be so long winded...)

      Cara Brooke