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    Reader 9 not recognizing browsers ?

      Hi All,

      I just installed Adobe Reader 9 but I can't get it to open in the web browser, it always opens a new Reader window outside my browser. I tried unchecking and checking the "Display PDF in browser" checkbox but it does not work. I'm using IE6 And FF3 which were both already installed when I installed Adobe Reader 9. So when I click on a pdf from a website that used to open directly in the browser, Reader 9 always opens a new window outside the browser. I also always get a security warning from Reader that wants to know if I trust this site and I have to click the "Allow" button about 10 times before Adobe Reader 9 finally opens the PDF document.

      Could it be that when I try to install Reader 9, he does not detect correctly my web browsers or something like that ?

      Does anyone ever faced that problem ?

      thanks for helping.