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    Adobe 8.1.2 Random 'Highlighting'

      HP nx6125 with XP Pro. This problem 'appeared' suddenly around 2 weeks ago but did not report the issue until last Friday.

      A user had Adobe 8.1.2 installed which randomly 'highlights' the PDF text in all sorts of colours - blue, yellow, black etc etc etc. When you select the text with the mouse, the highlighting disappears then re-appears. None of the documents have been officially highlighted when produced.

      The user emailed me the PDF document and it opened fine without this highlighting on my version (8.1.2).

      I have uninstalled 8.1.2 and installed 9 - but this did not fix the problem.

      Next step - to update video driver but has not worked either.

      Has anybody had this problem at all, and does anyone know a cure?