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    Menubar and Windows controls keep disappearing...

      Something that has started to drive me nuts in Reader 8.1.2 and now also in 9.0 is, that after a while the Adobe Reader window suddenly redraws (and shifts up a bit during the process) and after that the programs menu and also the window frame on top containing all the controls to minimize, maximize and close the window are gone. Their place is then taken by the toolbar (which doesn't properly show at first but only appears piece by piece when moving the mouse accross it). It's as if the program thinks it is running in full-screen mode (and hence doesn't draw the controls), but is actually still running inside a window.

      These disppeared/hidden menu and window controls prevent me from normally closing the program after use. So I always have to "kill" it using TaskManager.

      This seems to me like a major bug to me but judging from Adobe's attitude I guess, they consider this a feature (why would one ever want to close Adobe Reader???) ||-(

      How can I stop this nonsense and make the program properly behave and maintain its controls? The only preference that sounded like potentially somewhat related was the checkbox "allow documents to hide the menu bar, tool bar and window controls". That checkbox is OFF, but the mentioned elements still disappear.

      Michael :-(