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    Pdf file not opening on pushing fdf file with F key in Adobe  Reader

      Well i am a novice developer in case of PDF Development.

      The problem which i am facing is:-

      In our application a PDF document submits the data to server and server sends back FDF to client with f key as http path of PDF which is present on web server.

      This all works well in acrobat professional 7.0 but in abobe reader 8.0 the PDF file doesn't open up on pushing FDF.

      On debugging the problem i found out that if server sends response within 480 milliseconds then reader is showing the pdf otherwise it don't shows up.Since in our application it will always take more than this time because of several operation performed to serve the request posted to server,So the
      PDF will never show up in case of reader.

      I was unable to understand what make it special in acrobat professional that session lasts more than 480 milliseconds whereas in reader the session doesn't last that long.

      I really need uregent help on this.

      Thanks in advance for help.