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    Stop Acrobat from opening when saving as a .pdf

      This is related to an issue I had last week but I narrowed it down to what the issue really is.

      In a nutshell, I wrote an Access DB that will save and email 65 different .pdf reports to 65 different people.

      More specifically, I did this by writing macros. Each macro will save a report by outputting it as a .pdf file to a certain location on my harddrive. What I believe the problem to be is that outputting it as a .pdf is the same as saving it as a .pdf and not printing as a .pdf. So by unchecking the view results box in the adobe printer preferences, does not stop it from opening adobe everytime it outputs because it's not using the adobe printer. Or at least this is what I think is occuring.

      Can anybody offer more insight as to how to stop adobe from opening when saving as .pdf?

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          ok since my last posting i figured a couple of things out. So new question.

          Can anyone tell me how to get access 07 to use pdfmaker when outputting as .pdf? When I view how the file was created, it looks as though access 07 is the creating progran which means that it most likely SAVING as a pdf. If i can get it to use pdfmaker I can control what it does in the preferences.