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    Top bar does not show for displaying PDFs in browser

      The top bar (the one that has: File-Edit-View-Documents-Tools-Window-Help) displays when the Preference is set to NOT display PDFs in my browser. But when I set the Preference to display PDFs in my browser, the top bar does not display.

      How can I get the top bar to display when my Preference is to display PDFs
      in my browser? That is the manner in which I use Acrobat Reader 90 percent of the time.

      I am using Acrobat Reader 9 which I just downloaded yesterday, my operating system is Windows XP (with Service Packs 1 and 2) and my browser is Internet Explorer.

      Can anyone here help me? Or is there a better place to get help on this?

      Milton Beychok
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          Well the problem is that, in Windows, the menu bar is owned by the application. When you view the PDF in the browser, the browser owns the menu bar and chooses what to show. Hence it shows only the browser items and not the Reader menus. If you view it outside the browser, Reader is running stand-alone and shows it's menu items.

          I think, all you can do is show make sure the button bars you want are exposed by default.