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    Adobe Turned Sony

      This is just to let Adobe KNOW that they have LOST whatever respectability they had over the years by installing Peer2Peer software and features on my machine WITHOUT my KNOWLEDGE or PERMISSION!

      Is the ONLY way in someone's eyes to garner usage of AIR and Acrobat.com
      software is by auto-installing it WITHOUT the user's knowledge.

      I for one DO NOT appreciate it. I'll go find open source software in the future to read my PDF documents!

      I shouldn't have to tell Adobe 'WHERE' they can stick Adobe Reader 9.0, it's already been implied!

      One PO'd (former) user!!!
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          I don't know much about Adobe Air (I thought it was an air
          conditioner) but what I have found says nothing about it being p2p
          software. Looks more like something between the Flash runtime and the
          .Net runtime. Can you tell us more about the peer to peer stuff?

          Aandi Inston