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    LaTeX PDF tables not well rendered in Reader


      I've been trying to solve this issue on the LaTeX community forums, but without success.

      I'm a technical writer for a software company and I create and maintain all of our product manuals in LaTeX and produce them in PDF format. We're a "Linux shop" for the most part, so I develop my content on Ubuntu using the Kile utility in which to write my content.

      I've been working on my current projects for months and generally have been reviewing the PDFs in the default Document Viewer on Ubuntu. I've just been informed that the PDFs views in Adobe Reader on Windows XP don't render very well, particularly tabular content.

      The primary problems are that some vertical and horizontal lines that make up tables seem missing. Also, some letters in the text contained in the tables is either "smashed down" or "stretched"...at least at normal magnifications.

      If you magnify the view to 300% or more, the imperfections tend to smooth out, but nobody wants to read a PDF so large.

      Part of the problem seems to be how the packages that allow colored table rows are read. The colors tend to spill over into some of the lines, creating apparent gaps at smaller magnifications. I have no idea why the fonts seem to have issues.

      Another problem has to do with how colors are rendered for graphics. This problem doesn't happen on every page, but when it occurs, all of the colors in tables and graphics are rendered with a "blueish" tinge, throwing the overall appearance off by quite a bit.

      Since most of the world views PDFs using Adobe Reader, I need to find a way to get my PDFs to be rendered correctly in Reader. The problem occurs just as frequently in Reader on both Windows and Linux platforms.

      I suspect the xcolor and xgraphics packages don't work and play well with Reader for some reason. If this is a common problem, I can't tell by "Googling". There are "hints" here and there regarding these issues, but as far as I can tell, no one has documented the problem completely or presented a solution.

      I've created a workaround for the table lines by increasing the array thickness, but that does nothing for the font or color problems. Everything outside of the tabular environment renders well, with the exception of some graphics.

      If someone there can point me in the right direction as far as a solution, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.