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    FIx for Problems opening PDF files

      Forget about downloading a new version of Adobe Reader. If you are having problems opening a PDF file all you have to do is right click on the file and Save As (someplace you can go back to such as Desktop)Then go to the desk top (Windows Key + D) and open the file. I hope this helps a lot of people.
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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          You talking about any particular problem? You could mean just about anything.

          PDF files open just fine for most people.
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            People are having problems with Adobe Reader up to version 9. When they try to open a PDF file received over the internet Adobe promts with download information. However the download does not work and they are stuck again. First they cannot delete or remove Adobe Reader to download the new version and second they still cannot open the PDF file by clicking on it as usual.

            The Fix as I stated before, that works for me, is to save the file with a right click onto the desktop. Go to the Desktop and right click the saved file and select Open With. To the right, select Adobe Reader. I sure hope this works for most people.
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              One of my clients is having a similar problem. He cannot open ANY pdf files I send to him anymore. No one else has problems opening my pdf files, and he can open pdf files from other people. I am using Acrobat 9 Pro, he is using Acrobat reader 9.

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                MamaMille Level 1

                p.s. he tried your suggestion of right clicking and saving with new name....no luck.

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                  ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Hi Mamamille.


                  This is a pretty old thread but maybe we can help but, could you give us some more information?


                  How are you sending the PDF files to the Reader user (email, CD...etc?). How are they trying to open it (double clicking in the email if applicable, using File>Open...etc)? What exactly happens when they try and open it (nothing, an error message...etc)?


                  The more details we can get, the better.

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                    MamaMille Level 1
                    Good evening,
                    Thank you for your prompt response.
                    I have been sending files to this customer for a couple of years. He says he's not doing anything different. I am not doing anything different either. He gets the same response on two different computers. He has no problems with files from anyone else. None of my other clients have this problem. I can open the same files if I send them to a different computer. I even tried zipping the file....no luck. I do send the files to him and myself in the same e-mail....so I would think if it was damaged...it would be damaged on my end as well?
                    Windows XP (both of us). I am printing to pdf from InDesign CS3. ( I did try exporting...same results)
                    He has Acrobat Reader 9. something. I have Acrobat Pro 9.
                    He is opening his e-mail, then clicking attachment, then clicking "open".
                    He also tried "save" and still same results.
                    He gets an error message to the effect that "the file is damaged".
                    On the zip file he gets error message "file is corrupted or damaged"
                    Any advice will be appreciated. We have only had this problem in the past couple of months.
                    Thank you,
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                      ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      WEll there IS a chance the either his or your email providor is using some sort of encoding on the filoes which can corrupt the PDF but that won't normally corrupt ZIP files. Odd.


                      You are printing to the PDF printer. As an experiment, let's take your version of Acrobat completely out of this. Instead of printing to a PDF, try exporting to PDF from InDesign (that process doesn't use Acrobat at all).


                      If the same thing happens, you can at least rule out Acrobat. At that point it is either your email providor (you can test that by sending the files on a CD or some other media) or something on the other persons end. The latter will be hard to do anything about unless he comes in here with some details.

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                        MamaMille Level 1

                        I tried exporting to pdf instead of printing to pdf. Same results.

                        Put test files on a CD ... he could open fine.

                        Seems there is some glitch in his server? His new e-mail address messes up the files I send him. His old server/address does not give any problems opening my files. However, he can open pdf files sent to his new address by other people. It seems to be just me and his new address creating havoc. The workaround, for now is to send to old address.


                        Seems to me to not be an Acrobat issue...more of a server issue...but try to convince the customer of that!


                        I do appreciate your help and suggestions.


                        Thank you.

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                          I am also having similar problems with version 9.0.4 - Some

                          of the pdf files I get within a web page don't open. Those I get

                          via e-mail don't seem to give any proble.

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                            The workaround the person posted (right clicking/"open with" dropdown menu/select Adobe Reader).  THANKS!

                            Weird that this has been happening.  Used to be able to double click and the pdf would open.  Anyway - the workaround works!

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                              abpaley Level 1

                              I did it - but not with a new name - just saved to desktop and then right clicked / selected "open with" 0->Adobe Reader.  It worked.  Double clicking on the pdf files wasn't working for me all of a sudden (last few months). This workaround worked!

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                                Hayley 1

                                im having the same problem and i tried to right click and was going to click open with but adobe isnt there only word or note pad  i have a lot of documents on my computer and i cannot open them