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    Adobe Reader 9 crashes on install

      Well done Adobe this came after 6 hours re-installing my pc yesterday to Windows SP3. Well done indeed!!

      I downloaded the free Reader 9 to overwtite Reader 8. On the first install, I failed to uncheck the install of Google Toolbar so I paused at approx 15%, backtracked, unchecked Google and resumed. Close to completion I got a BSOD.
      Unhappy with this I uninstalled Reader 9 ok but then tried to uninstall GetPlus without success.
      The second installation was not much better. It rebooted my pc after install and I got a reportable MS serious error.

      I'm now left with a doubtfulReader 9 and GetPlus which cannot be removed.

      What can I do?

      Geoff Knowles
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          You probably need to find what is causing the BSOD.

          > I got a reportable MS serious error.

          That's what happens when you reboot after a BSOD. If you let it
          contact Microsoft sometimes (it has happened to me) it can tell you
          where the fault is, and even occasionally take you to a fix.

          Aandi Inston
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            Level 1
            On tyhe first instance I got the BSOD but no serious error message. It was on the second that towards the end of the install it just quit, rebooted itself and follwed by the serious error message.

            It is definately Reader 9. Since this I have re-installed from scratch - again - all 6 hours of wading through to SP3 on both Windows and Office! But this time I went back to Reader 8. No problems and no GetPlus software installer left behind.