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    Document prints in what looks like Arabic  -  WHY!!!!!!

      Our secretary has received an email from a known and secure business partner in a .pdf format. She was using Adobe Reader 8.0 to open it and visually it looked fine on the screen. When it prints in her HP Laserjet 2100, it looks like Arabic. Not really sure what it is, could just be garbled fonts. I had her email it to me and I opened and printed it using 6.0 and it worked fine. The attachment stated that she would need at least 7.0 or greater so I upgraded her system to 9.0 (with all updates) and it still won't work. So I decided to send it to another printer (HP5000 Laserjet) from her desk and still no luck. She is running windows XP, if that matters. I had her email it to another associate in the office and he could view and print it correctly as well. My best guess is that it is a setting locally on her computer, but I have no idea what it may be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.